UMS Holdings Limited


Since our inception in 1984, we have harnessed innovative solutions and technological advancement from the latest state-of-art CNC machines to meet the customers' needs for faster time-to-market, short lead-times and the highest possible quality.

Working in conjunction with your product development team, UMS’ new product implementation (NPI) team offers a broad range of experience gained through years of delivering robust manufacturing solutions to various markets. ISO 9001 certified, concurrent engineering processes and techniques are utilized to develop products that meet both manufacturability and testability requirements.

UMS’ NPI processes link directly with our customers' design methods. This early engagement model allows UMS to achieve the quality, schedule and efficiency as required by the customer.

UMS’ Engineers are intimately attached to the manufacturing environment. These engineers are well versed in development procedures designed to make products that optimize the benefits of UMS’ manufacturing processes. This results in cost effective products that can be quickly introduced into production.